Crajes is a duo formed by Carla Rendon and Jessica Ruiz with the constant encouraging of their two cats; Poe and Ingres.
They both dropped off their college studies of Psychology and Philosophy to pursue their dreams and start a career in the world of Fine Arts.
Their most known artworks are painting and drawing but they work on all kind of supports and art forms like: videoart, animation short-films, mural art, sculpture, …
Female figure is the focus of their art. Beauty and fragility of their work don't hide the more dark, grotesque and direct side of it.

Crajes anna roig


Solo shows

“Insania” at FB69 Gallery. Münster. Germany. April. 2015.
“Ingemisco, tamquam reus, culpa rubbet vultus meus, supplicanti parce; Deus” at N2 Gallery. Barcelona. Spain. November. 2013.
“A la voluptuosidad” at El bigote del señor Smith Gallery. Barcelona. Spain. March. 2012.
“Virgins of perverseness” at Pablo Gallery. Manila. Philippines. November. 2012.
“Welcome to the dollhouse” at Mito Gallery. Barcelona. Spain. March. 2011.
“Lusus Naturae” at El Refugi artspace, Badalona Council. Badalona. Spain. November. 2011.
“Doom geneartion” at Atticus Gallery. Barcelona. Spain. October. 2010.

Selected group shows

Bodegones y Vanitas at N2 Gallery. Barcelona. January. 2015.
Portraits. Curated by Vicente Torres. Slowtrack Gallery. Madrid. November. 2014.
13 days. Curated by Sara Catalan. NYC. November. 2014.
The 13th hour at Last Rites Gallery. NYC. October. 2014.
WeArt Festival “Ego”. Image. Transforma Bcn. Barcelona. October. 2014.
1ª Biennal d'art urbà del Vallès. BAUV. La Llagosta. May. 2014.
“Mulier Mulieris” at MUA (Museo Universidad de Alicante). Alicante. March. 2014.
“Last Rites” at Last Rites Gallery. NYC. March. 2014.
International colors at Soon Gallery. Bern. Switzerland. December. 2013.
Charity group show at Bottleneck Gallery, Brooklyn. December. 2013.
Project M2. Curated by Yasha Young for Urban Nation Museum. Berlin. November. 2013.
Desvelarte 2013. Artist invited. Mural. Santander. Spain. September. 2013.
Pretty girls at Above Second Gallery. Hong Kong. April. 2013
Colección dibujos DKV Fundation. Instituto CDAN. Huesca. Spain. January. 2013.
WeArt Festival Barcelona. WeArtist 2012. MOB. Barcelona. Spain. November. 2012.
INSIDERS at N2 Gallery. Barcelona. September. 2012.
VANG! Mural and group show at Baroque church. Menorca. August. 2012.
"The great west coast migration" project by PANGEASEED. West coast tour: Roq la Rue, Spoke Art, LeBasse Projects, Grass hut. co, the Artery, Space 4 Art. July. 2012.
”Swab Toy´s by FLS” Custom Qee group show and charity project auction for Foundation Fighting Aids. Barcelona. May. 2012.
SWAB (Art Fair Barcelona) with Mito Gallery. May. 2012.
Artbox Project. Curated by Etika Projects. Barcelona. May. 2012.
ARTEFIERA (Art Fair Bologna) with Mito Gallery. January. 2012.
“The garden of artifice” instalation for Concepta at The Brandery Fashion Fair. Barcelona. January. 2012.
“Arte efimero”. Las cigarreras. Curated by Alicia Ventura. Contemporary Culture Center. Alicante. August. 2011.
LOOP (Videoart Fair Barcelona) with Mito Gallery. May. 2011.
SWAB (Art Fair Barcelona) with Mito Gallery. May. 2011.
Post it show Barcelona. Atticus Gallery. Barcelona. May. Artist and Curators. 2011.
BAC 11.0. Videoart. Curator: Macu Moran. Casa Asia. Barcelona. November. 2010.
Bartcelona. Premio internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Winners second price. Barcelona. October. 2010.
Moleskine FAD. Barcelona. October. 2010.
The Hive Gallery. LA. July. 2010.

Selected media

Tendencias del Arte magazine, Elle deco Philippines, Hi-Fructose, Beautiful/decay, Juxtapoz, Vogue colecciones, Elle Spain, Interviú magazine, Proxart magazine, Lamono Magazine, Trend land, Fecal Face, Upperplayground, Citrus Report, Zupi, Coudal Partners, El Mundo Wallpaper, El magazine de La Vanguardia, Clone magazine, Big up magazine (NYC), supersonic electronic, booooooom, oh surreal, Beautiful bizarre, Nines Ruses (teleB), Continuará (Tve2), Plan B, Pop Ràpid (Tv3), Telenotícies (Tv3)…